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פיני אביטל

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Avital Ranch - For reservations dial 052-390-1530 pini avital

pini Avital israel Champion 2008 Western Riding Open Cattinge.

Avital horse ranch riding school provides a variety of Western farms Harlev - Avital Kfar Netter. Horse riding tours, hiking groups, romantic tours Alexander River National Park beach seine. The farm was founded in 2000, when a horse farm Finnish Avital, continued during the natural world the way it introduced the world of horses since childhood.

pini Avital, a graduate teaching course in Therapeutic Riding Institute's Western Riding "Wingate" much of an attempt to purchase U.S. Western riding competitions. When he returned to Israel chose not to give up his great love, and established the "Guest Avital, a place that they wanted,
Reach people of all ages to feel the direct connection of man to nature and animal.

Avital ranch specializes in national competitions and compete in the reining, cutting, rehined-cow horse and his name goes before a competitor, teacher and coach in Western riding and cattle. Championship competition in 2007 rated the country as vice champion Finn Avital Israel Novs Cattinge (Novice-cutting). His students have won many championships beautiful achievements. Horse farm is characterized by a family atmosphere, a cohesive and warm, many riders participate in national competitions, and meet at social gatherings take place regularly. On a farm about 40 horses, big gaps and bad cells colts mares, some specially imported horses from Texas ranch to the U.S. cattle industry specialization that began to develop Vreininge Recently buy him many in the field, trained by professional trainers, skilled and experienced teaching staff, and riding one of the few indoor court in the country. farm team will be happy to host you at any time!

Avital ranch, horse back riding provides training services and learning western riding, therapeutic riding, riding instructor's course, but in addition to horseback riding often get all sorts of varieties.

We spend horseback riding near Nahal Alexander trawl in a spectacular setting in the heart of nature. All horseback riding and continue to go places gestures Avital different distances depending on the trip.

Horseback riding in israel only 45 minutes from Tel Aviv
Avital ranch out horseback riding, such as:

• Horse of the hour trip to Park Sharon trawl.120 nis
• two-hour trip to Park Sharon horse beach.210 nis
• 3 hour horseback trip to Sharon Forest Park room
• Trip Cowboys - Cowboys
• Green Night Horse Tour - Full Moon Tour
We also spend romantic horseback riding moonlight. For more information about a romantic ride, .

For reservations dial 052-390-1530 pini avital

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